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The Pros & Cons of The Quip Toothbrush


The most stylish toothbrush has arrived! It has been many years since a new electric toothbrush has hit the market. Well, the time has come and the newest and hottest electric toothbrush has landed in the stores and it is called Quip.

Many of our patients have been asking about it, so we thought we would write about it in our blog!

The Pros About the Quip Toothbrush:

(From our own personal experience)

What originally drew us to the Quip toothbrush, besides how cool it looked, was its subscription option that will automatically send you toothbrush head replacements and/or toothpaste. Something similar to Amazon’s “subscribe and save.”  We love this as a dental professional since it is hard in our busy lives to remember to change our toothbrushes out!  The toothbrush heads are delivered to you every 3 months, as well as the toothpaste if you choose this option.  The toothpaste is also fluoride based, and does not have a powerful mint flavor.

What is also nice about the Quip is the design of how it is stored in the bathroom. It comes with a very slim holder that is adhesive and can hang on the wall or bathroom mirror and it isn’t very cumberson. It is also battery powered, which means it does not need any charging. It only costs $25! The subscription is an additional charge (about $10), and arrives every 3 months.  It also comes in many colors so you can accessorize the toothbrush to your bathroom wall color. 

The Cons About the Quip Toothbrush:

(Again, from our own personal experience)

They are marketing the Quip as an electric toothbrush, and it does vibrate, but at home when brushing your teeth you still need to use mechanical back and forth strokes to properly remove all the plaque and tartar. The vibrating motion only seems to happen in the handle, and not so much in the brush head. 

As dental professionals, we love when the toothbrush head also vibrates because it better stimulates and cleans the gum tissue.  In general, the electric toothbrushes on the market vibrate the bristle part as well, the Quip DOES NOT.  

The bristles are a mix of rubber and standard bristles. Some people enjoy this and others do not.  On the other end of the toothbrush head, there is a rubber tongue cleaner, but it doesn’t seem to do much in helping scrape the goo from the top of the tongue. Overall, Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry decided it is basically a fancy regular manual toothbrush.

In Summary:

As an electric toothbrush, we are not recommending it to replace a Sonicare or Oral B. If you are looking for something that is similar to a manual toothbrush, then this is a great option. Especially because it sends replacement heads and toothpaste every 3 months.  They are now also selling the Quip toothbrush at Target for $25!

If you have any other questions or concerns after reading our blog, please don’t hesitate to message or call us OR ask at your next appointment at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry!