Professional Teeth Whitening at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry

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There are so many options for professional teeth whitening, WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?!

Don’t worry! The team at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry is here to help!

At our office, we offer professional whitening options that we are confident you will love!  Here are three options so YOU can choose what is best for your smile.

1. In office whitening. This whitening technique is all done in a couple hours, and over the next few days your optimal whitened shade will appear! 

We use a product called Boost, similar to Zoom whitening systems, and this is done completely at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL. We isolate the teeth and the patient has 3 sessions of whitening “gel” that is applied and takes up to a total of 2 hours. This option is best for patients that would like to have it done in ALL IN ONE DAY, and who does NOT like to have anything in their mouth since our other options are trays that need to be worn for short periods of time each day.

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2. Custom whitening trays perfectly made to fit your teeth!

The wonderful ladies at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry take impressions at our office, and our talented dental assistants make beautiful whitening trays out of a comfortable plastic material for the patients to wear at home. We then give each patient whitening gel to apply to the whitening trays and wear for 15-20 minutes once per day.  Initially we recommend using the whitening gel for 10 days, unless the patient experiences any cold sensitivity.

We love this option because you keep the trays and if a “touch up” is needed due to coffee or wine staining, you have the trays at home and more gel can be applied (for as many days as you would like) to achieve that pearly white smile once again!

3. Professional Go White Strips 

These are similar to Crest white strips, but can only be bought from a professional dental office such as Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry. What is so great about Go White strips is they are a much more comfortable fit for your teeth compared to those that can be bought online or at the store. These also only have to be worn for 30 minutes, once a day and are a nice option if a patient needs something quick. Again, this option does not require any dental impressions or time in our office, but are only available at Dr. Turnwald’s!


We love talking about whitening at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry, and if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to call or ask us at your next clinical cleaning appointment.

If any of your friends or family near Schaumburg IL, Roselle IL, or Hoffman Estates IL are looking for a dentist who has professional whitening options, WE are here to lend a helping hand! There is nothing more exciting for us than seeing a whitening patient’s before and after!

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