Welcome Dr. Hays!

Our amazing patients, like you, have continued your trust in Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry, especially over the past two years as our dental home and team have expanded


Due to your support, we have some exciting news!

We are ecstatic to announce an exciting addition to the Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry team!  We have carefully selected Dr. William Hays to join us in offering comprehensive dental care in our relationship based practice. More importantly, Dr. Hays shares the same values and vision that Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry has, and will be a wonderful addition to continuing your exceptional dental experiences.

Dr. Hays is a North Carolina native and graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School. He returned to North Carolina to complete a general practice residency at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Dr. Hays is excited about the change of location and the new challenges it will have, like the winter.  We will help show him the way and the proper winter boots to buy!


Please help us welcome Dr. William Hays to our dental family!

We are confident that he will continue to provide you with the excellent patient and clinical experience that you are accustomed to at our practice.