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We’d Love To Meet Your Kiddos!

We get asked by our patients frequently, “When should I bring my son or daughter to the dentist?”

February is National Kid’s Dental Health Month, so we are here to help!

As soon as your child pops out a tooth, usually on the bottom front area, it is important to start brushing their teeth and get them used to the habit of brushing! Some kids can have their first tooth pop up at 4-5 months, others around 8-9 months. The range definitely varies. 

There are so many types of baby toothbrushes, any are good! Even if they want to sit and just chew on them, because that feels good on their gums, that is okay too! Anything mechanical will help remove bacteria from their tiny teeth. 

Here are some helpful tooth eruption charts:

When Is A Good Age To Bring My Child To The Dentist?

We recommend around the age of 3 1/2 or 4 to have a clinical cleaning (or getting their teeth counted) with one of our dental hygienists, and exam (tickling their teeth) with Dr. Benjamin Turnwald or Dr. Lisa Black.  This is a good age for them to understand what we do in the dental office, and also an age that they are not too hesitant about the visit in general. 

We also recommend possibly having your little one come to your clinical cleaning to watch mom and/or dad, as it helps make the experience that much more familiar for when they come for their OWN appointment.

Timo getting his teeth counted
Thanks for being a great patient, Timo!


Of course, if you see some dark spots on your child’s teeth, or if there is any other reason you are concerned, we would always love to have Dr. Turnwald or Dr. Black take a look.

We look forward to meeting our future lil’ dental patient!