What is Dental Insurance?

What is dental insurance really?

We get asked this question every day at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry, and we love to explain it to our patients! Our office is a little different than some others in the Chicagoland area.  Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry is a fee-for-service dental office in Schaumburg, IL. What does that mean? It means that we accept any dental insurance that accepts us.

In-network dental offices are those that participate in specific dental insurance plans. Those offices choose to participate in those plans. Patients typically can only go to those offices within their network.

This is why when a patient goes to an in-network dental office it probably feels as if they are on an assembly line. Dental offices that participate in-network have to see a certain amount of patients, for a certain amount of procedures in a certain amount of time.  We have had patients leave our office because of insurance concerns and gone to an in-network office, only to discover that our quality of care in much higher at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry, and have since returned.

How is dental insurance different from health insurance?

It is nothing like it! We are so accustomed to thinking of all health care plans are exactly like medical insurance.

In fact, we have started referring to it as dental benefits. It does not insure everything, but gives you some benefits for some things.

One of the main differences between medical insurance and dental benefits is the annual maximum for dental insurance that is relatively low, and covers very little when dental work is needed. Health insurance doesn’t have a limit. If you need a procedure done it will help you regardless of what “limit” you have hit. Yes, dental work is an investment into your smile but Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry uses the best materials, takes extensive continuing education courses, and we take our time for each and every patient to ensure the best possible care. See some of the differences Dr. Turnwald have made in our patient’s lives at our smile gallery

For health insurance, most preventative needs are covered 100%, for example your annual physical. This is different for dental insurance. For preventative care, such as clinical cleanings, are only covered at a certain percentage in most instances.  Here is Angie to explain exactly how it works! 


How is Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry different?

We pride ourselves on being the best dentist in Schaumburg, Illinois! We can be the best because we do not allow insurance companies to tell us how many patients we have to see in a day, what type of materials we have to use, and how much time we can spend on our patients. We work for our patients, not the insurance companies. 

We take the time to make our appointments valuable to our patients, but also to us! You will never feel like your appointments are rushed at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry!


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