Questions About Your Dental Care During COVID Times?

Are you concerned about your dental visit?

We promise there is no need to worry!

Check out our video of all of our COVID protocols to give you a peace of mind that you will be safe at all your appointments!

Do you a few questions about your upcoming dental visit at Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry?

Hopefully our Q & A below can help with any additional concerns that you might have!

Question 1:

How important is maintaining my oral health?

The health of your teeth and mouth are integral to your overall physiology and well-being. From a clinical perspective, early treatment is always best. Putting off discomfort with a tooth, or any concern about your oral health, is more time-consuming and costly in the long run. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Question 2:

What safety measures are in place in the dental practice?

As seen in our COVID protocol video, and according to strict guidelines put in place by the CDC, ADA and OSHA, in which we have always followed, we are paying close attention to office areas where social distancing is essential. These area include the patient lounge, front check in/out area and restrooms, and are disinfected several times throughout the day.

From regular dental clinical cleaning appointments you missed during our office closure, to more complex procedures that may have you a bit concerned, we promise we have your back. All of us are part of the effort to keep our community safe and healthy.

At Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry in Schaumburg, we are minimizing aerosols, using HEPA filters in every room, our team is wearing face shields and lastly, we are wearing top of the line, fit tested N95 surgical masks.

Question 3:

How do I minimize my time at the dentist while maximizing my oral health?

To minimize your time at our office, we will work with you to best group certain appointments together so that you can spend less time in the dental chair, but also while addressing the care you need. We may also ask you for payment before your appointments to decrease the amount of time spent in the lounge area and talking to the front team. We try our best for our patients to arrive at staggered appointment time to better keep social distancing for our patients, as well as our team.  Don’t forget to call when you arrive for your appointment!

Dr. Benjamin Turnwald and Dr. Lisa Black are life-long learners and continue to stay up to date with the latest recommendations and guidelines, especially during a pandemic.

We look forward to seeing your smile again, and be certain we are smiling big right back at you under all our PPE!