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BTD Is Inspiring Smiles

Now smile even bigger with our dental rewards program


Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry is excited to announce our new app called Smile Inspire!


Download and be rewarded for everything related to your dental appointments and experience.


We cannot wait to share it with you!

How does it work?



  1. First, download the app while you are in the office for your appointment. Search SMILEINSPIRE (all one word)

  2. You will instantly get rewards for downloading the app, but also many opportunities to earn more

  3. Invite all your favorite people to your favorite dental office 🙂

  4. After your treatment has been completed, you will get even MORE rewards

  5. Soon, you will have enough reward money to shop in the online store that offers hundreds of discounted items, hotel deals, local savings and so much more!

Here are your dental health earnings with Smile Inspire


We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment, and helping introduce you to the Smile Inspire app!

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